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The Calcutta Indie International Film Festival(CIIFF) is a prestigious, IMDb-qualifying festival in the heart of Kolkata, India, you will have the opportunity to register your project on our IMDb website, We are an IMDb-listed international film festival:

A primary objective of CIIFF is to create a common platform for filmmakers around the world to showcase their excellence in film; to promote friendship and cooperation among people around the world, and to facilitate the understanding and appreciation of film cultures of different nations within the context of their social and cultural ethos.

The Calcutta Indie International Film Festival (CIIFF) provides an international platform for association, showcase, new creations, new ideas, and new talent.

In addition to organizing annual honor services awards, CIIFF also builds a dynamic organization devoted to independent filmmakers around the globe that keeps growing and developing. By displaying the works of filmmakers on a global platform, we help them develop their profession in this profoundly creative field.

The Calcutta Indie International Film Festival is an exceptionally lofty film celebration that focuses on empowering and finding new free abilities, supporting visionary films, and uniting all facets of film production and storytelling, including fiction, factual stories, movements, television arrangements, and contents. As a film production and narrative agency, we offer a wide range of film categories, ranging from drama to documentaries.

CIIFF is committed to supporting independent filmmakers and is looking for solid story-based entries. CIIFF is dedicated to promoting mindfulness, appreciation and comprehension of all kinds of film. Our mission is to showcase the most extraordinary movies from all over the world. We select movies and activities based on their quality and creativity. Our commitment to movies from all over the world is our greatest strength.

CIIFF is an International Film Festival that showcases feature films, documentaries, and short films Television shows, documentaries, animated shorts, and scripts etc. Various independent films and initiatives from around the world are likely to be featured, as well as Grant Awards going to the best candidates. We are a solid ally of new talent and striking ideas that makes Calcutta Indie International Film Festival special. Our way of dealing with creative geniuses and systems is what makes CIIFF special. In our celebration, we celebrate art, culture, beliefs, creativity, origins, and growth from all over the world. During the Calcutta Indie International Film Festival, filmmakers will have a chance to screen their work and interact with the public. In addition to highlighting amazing stories, we also recognize extraordinary filmmakers.